Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globe Party

I enjoy watching the 
Golden Globes.

I like the loose, relaxed, party atmosphere
(who you calling loose) 
and the
smoozing .

I find it waaay more entertaing than the Oscars
which for me is more like 

(Must we document all the awards given to the Documentaries.) 

I was thinking that Ben Affleck probably
likes the Golden Globes more than the Oscars.  
Ben wasn't even nominated this year for a
"Best Director" Academy Award for his film "Argo."

As they say he was 
but apparently with his big win last night...
he's turned that 
Oscar snub 
into a 
Golden Globe smug.


The Golden Globes are the only award show 
where there is drinking all night 
during the show.  

(Or should I say…afternoon.  
Let's remember, the party starts at 5pm in LA.
more like Happy Hour.)

With alcohol involved…
you never know who may 
slip up
verbally or physically.  

And that's part of the fun you don't get from the 
Academy Awards.

The Golden Globes
are the  
rowdy younger brother 
as compared 
to the more 
composed older brother, 

And wouldn't ya rather be at 
Prince Harry's party?

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