Friday, January 4, 2013

January Lists

is the time for... 


I like making lists
because I like crossing jobs off.
It is such a feeling of accomplishment.

If I do something that isn't on my list
I simply add it…
and then cross it off.

Hey, I gotta give credit where credit is due.

What I love about the new year…
(other than 12 new months full of promise)
is a 
new calendar free of
scratch-offs, white-outs, and torn paper edges.

On the first of January…
I like to sit with my blank calendar, 
peruse through the unmarked months...
and rub it for a while.
(calendar freak)

Back in the day when we had 3 kids home 
with busy schedules to keep track of,
 I used to get a desk size calendar from Staples.

That's was when I needed the big boxes.

But now the other size box 
works perfectly for me.

One thing I never ever do with my calendar is 
cross days off...

that just depresses me.


PaulA put a "To-Do List" 
on his computer…
and added my name next to some jobs. 

I can't say I'll be tackling that list.

I need to be able to
draw a line through the tasks with my red Sharpie.

If it can't be crossed off….
this Kat
ain't doin' it.