Thursday, January 17, 2013

Metered Moments

We all have those moments...

You're involved in
a situation so ridiculous 
you would think it could be a
sketch on 
Saturday Night Live,

The scenario:

PaulA and I are standing in line at the San Diego Zoo 
waiting to see their newest Panda, 
born 7 months ago. 

It's not our style to stand in a long line…for anything…
but a baby Panda has a high awww factor 
on the "Cute-o-Meter."

In line behind us stands 
an obnoxious man 
who has the  
the "Dork-o-Meter"
at full-tilt.

What stands out the most with this man…
is how closely he stands behind PaulA.  
He is sooo close…
that a part of him
constantly touches or brushes up 
against  PaulA.  

And when PaulA moves even a half a step forward…
the man does too.  
And this goes on. and on.
every step of the way.
The "Jerk-o-Meter" is off the charts.


It is moments like these 
that get you thinking this has to be a set-up.
There is someone hiding in the bushes...  
deliberately trying your patience... 
just waiting to see how long before you blow…
wanting to capture your melt-down on tape.

I have to say, 
PaulA was one cool dude with Mr. Obnoxious.

But if it was this Kat...
who had to deal with Mr. Obnoxiously Irritating,

I would have broken the 
"Mel Gibson-o-Meter."


Sistersledge said...

The panda is adorable. I want to hug it. P.S. Paul should have spilled something on the guy or stepped on his foot or something!

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