Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lip Service

There has been a lot of lip service 
given by the media to 
of the National Anthem 
at Obama's Inauguration. 
Did Beyonce lip sync or not? 

Then again...
Does it really matter or not?

lips are sealed.  
(Sealed with a kiss  -  

She has her lip's buttoned up so tight 
on the subject that
it has become a safely guarded national secret.

My personal thoughts on the matter is that 
in the grand scheme of life…
it doesn't really matter.

(and it's a big but)

 It does matter 
if we're talking about her 

Beyonce technically didn't perform.  
It was a recording of her voice.
 it was Beyonce's voice and 
it was exceptional.  
(Dang, that girl can sing.)

(yes another but)
 I believe the National Anthem 
is a song that should be sung 

A LIVE performance brings in...
the pressure of the big event...  
will the singer 
hit the right notes?
remember the words?
in the right order?


The reason I even give lip service to this subject 
is that singing the National Anthem 
is something I've done a lot.  
Granted, only 
for a crowd of 10,000 
and not 10 million.

Maybe I'm just jealous…
and wish I 
was a singing
 with pre-recorded options.

Beyonce will be performing during half-time 
at the Superbowl.

I say 
go ahead and 
"put a ring on it"..
I mean..
go ahead and 
lip sync to a pre-recorded track...
It isn't the National Anthem.

Viva La Diva