Friday, February 17, 2012

The Spin on Jeremy Lin

The recent attention and focus on New York Knick's player Jeremy Lin is

So why all the media spin on Lin? Well....

He's of asian descent. rare.

He's breaking all kinds of records. rare.

He's brought hope to bench warmers. everywhere.

Most people can appreciate a good Underdog story.
And Underdog cartoon.
You know...the almighty rise of the mighty Underdog.

So when Lin got the nod to come off the bench and play for the Knicks...
he rose to the occasion.
The jock strapped on his Underdog cup cape...
and salvaged what was left of the Knick's season.

To say that Lin earns a fraction of what Carmelo Anthony,
the injured he is helping replace, earns...
is an underdog statement.
The fraction is actually four one-hundredths or .04.
Although $788,500 isn't bad 'Quan"..
it doesn't add up to the 18.5 million Quantum
that Carmelo gets paid.
If Lin keeps this up...they will have to
"Show Lin the money."


Will Lin be able to keep this up?
Will Lin continue to play at this awe inspiring record breaking level?

Is Lin a lark ?

a fluke?

a flark?

I believe he's the real deal. A flark with spark.

This Kat actually scouted Jeremy Lin during his college basketball days.
(yep, I know how to pick 'em.)

When UCONN played Harvard in Storrs on December 6, 2009...
I was the National Anthem singer.
I would like to think it was my linspirational singing that motivated Lin to score 30 points in that game.
(Let's just say he stood out...head and shoulders.
UCONN was lucky to beat the Crimson Brainiacs by 6.)

Should Lin's Underdog cape crap out...and he is once again shown the bench...
I'm pretty sure he can bounce back from basketball.
Apparently Lin has the brains to go along with the balls.

And Luckily for Lin...

there is a job market
for Harvard graduates
with an affinity for basketball.
Ummm... I believe that is working for Obama.....

Wait, Now I'm thinking of a new presidential nominee.

Lin for President.

At this point in the Lin Spin...

Lin might be considered a shoe-Lin.

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Choose to be Happy said...

hahaha Lin for Prez! and that is SO cool you sang when he played. you should get a percentage of his earnings. its only right