Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DROID Pressing Matters

Don't 'cha hate it when your smart phone has the upper hand?

I like to think
that I am smarter than my phone
But my DROID always has me at

 I've owned the Droid for over a year now
and have become comfortable with many of its applications. 
(Although I'm sure there are some apps I have yet to apply.) 
But the one thing I can't seem to get  used to is the
touch screen. 

Is it me?


my unfortunate finger incident
has left me with some
'pressing matters.'

Don't worry...I  still have my finger...
but I did shock the tip of it
(don't ask)
and lost a little feeling.

In otha words...
I shocked the zip out of my index finger. 

Wait....why am I  referring to my finger as an "index finger?"
I can't remember when it last rummaged through an index file.


Ever since my "touch screen finger" incident...
I've had trouble using my Droid.
I don't press hard enough on the screen...
which usually leads to misspelled texts
and frustration.

And because a finger tip transplant is not a convenient option...
I've been forced to make an adjustment when texting. 
I now use my
middle finger.

Which makes a lot of sense.

My  middle finger
happens to express exactly how I feel about the touch screen.

Hey,  'pressing matters' aside...
This Kat, may be smarter than
the DROID.

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