Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar REVEAL 2012

Let's be real...
The reason most of us watch the Oscars is to see
what the beautiful people are wearing
and to separate them into 2 categories...

Best Dressed


What Were You Thinking?

It's the reason we'll sit for hours through boring speeches by "The Academy" and
boring documentary awards. 

My Picks...

Best Dressed

What were you thinking?

And if the night is a real success...
we  are witness to a stumble/screw up/or snafu. 

This year...was the year of the snafu
and the slut slit.

Was that a wardrobe malfunction with J. Lo's gown...
exposing something that rhymes with "ripple?"

 (You be da Judge.)

And Angelina's slit...
exposing her thrusted right leg
happend to take on a life and a twitter account of its own.


The beautiful actors and actresses have worked long and hard
with diet,
and procedures
to make a fashion statement. 

As they walk the red carpet....
the fashion designers get free plugs for their creations.

Who are you wearing?
“Tonight I’m wearing a champagne Marchesa gown,
jewelry by Tiffany,
(face by Dr. Ramsey.”)
Fashion Statement:  "I am one hot mama." 

Last night...I was making my own fashion statement.

Who are you wearing?
"Tonight I’m wearing a flannel gown by
the fashion duo Lord & Taylor,
facecream by Revlon."
Fashion Statement:  "I am one warm (and cozy) mama."