Monday, February 13, 2012

Got Winter?

What happened to winter?
Where did it go?

So far the winter gods have spared us
sidewalk slipping,
snow and ice.

I'm not sure what it all means....

Maybe Al Roker Gore is correct and global warming is more fact
than Gorey NOTION.
Maybe we are gonna be burnt toast in a few years.
I hope not...
I much prefer toasty buns.

Now that it's already mid-February, I'm feeling like winter is about over.
A snowstorm now would be oh-so cruella-deVille.
The winter gods better not be getting any lame ideas about playing
a not-so-funny joke this April 1st.


Yesterday I chuckled to myself as I watched a woman go into
TJ Maxx
for the minimum.
She was wearing black furry boots,
a black down puffy jacket,
and a white knit cap.
She looked adorable in her outfit,
but stupid...
all in the same fashion moment.
She was only going from her car to the store...
and it was 45 degrees and sunny.

The woman probably bought her outfit on sale last week...
and was damn well gonna wear it...
come hell
high temperatures.

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