Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year DAY

If February 29th is your actual birthday....
(happy birthday)

What day do you celebrate during a non-leap year?
February 28?
March 1st? 
March 9?

Or do you wait every 4 years and then have one hell of a
when you GET DOWN
and play a lively game of leap frog?

The four years between birthdays sounds like a quantum leap,
but the LEAP does have it's advantages. 
When your friends are well into their middle ages,
you're only a teenager.


There is a long winded explanation surrounding the origin of Leap Day,
but I thought I'd spare you the details and leap over all the boring stuff. 
All you really need to know is
Julius Caesar had his hand in it...
and his a tasty salad.

So what are your plans for your extra 24 hours?

Any fun and exciting ideas leap to mind?

Maybe you are thinking of marrying today?
You would only have to remember your anniversary every four years.
(You might want to think twice before you make this leap.)  

Maybe you are thinking of doing something EXTREMELY monumental ...
and taking a giant leap for mankind...
There is nothing like a walk on a new planet to mark the day.

I can't help leap for joy
thinking about the possibilties.

I want to make sure I think long and hard,
before I leap feet first into my bonus day. 
Another Leap Day won't be back around for 1461 days. 

Plus, if you don't look before you leap,
you can easily step in it.

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