Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE Colintine's Day

gimme an "L"

gimme an "O"

gimme a  "V"

gimme an "E"

What does that spell?


For most people...

today is Valentine's Day.

But for PaulA and I, today is the day to celebrate love and life.

Our love

Colin's life.

Happy Birthday, Colin!


I have so many wonderful memories of Colin's theme parties through the years.
(action hero, monster truck, baseball, golf, football, hockey...)

I love the time Colin requested for his birthday dinner...
Meat Loaf
at home.
Nothing says
Happy Birthday/ Happy Valentine's Day
ground beef
in rectangular form, frosted with ketchup.

Then there was the year Colin asked to take over our bedroom for the night...
complete with king bed and television.
He'd call for room service and I'd bring his order up on a tray.

His wish was my command.

I'm just saying...
if Colin asked me for the sun and the moon...
I would have looked for a way to get it for him.

Happy Birthday, Colin.

May this year be your year.
A year of wonderful surprises and accomplishments...
both personally and professionally.



Frances said...

Happy Birthday, Colinboy!

Here is to your year! Big things to come!


B.Healy said...

this had me laughing out loud! I remember when he requested meat loaf...we were all like whattttt, out of everything you could choose!

and nothing better than the master bedroom! living like kings.

love you colin happy birthday!

Aunt Jayne said...

I remember when Colin requested room service in your room on Valentine's night! LOL still brings a smile to my face. Love you Colin...Happy b-day.

Sistersledge said...

Wow, he was the cutest little boy ever! And now the handsomest young man ever! Happy Bday Colinboy!

Chelsea Coleen said...

happy happy birthday/valentines day to colinboy! we love him soooo!