Friday, February 24, 2012

My Kind of Swanky

I love going to swanky places,
but that's usually when I find out how
unswanky I am.

Where better to find swanky
than a
downtown LA hotel rooftop pool?

Big city hotel pools always have a vibe going...
it's LA, baby.

The swanky vibe first starts with the music...
a pounding techno beat stuck on replay.
(hmmm...I wonder who decided this was cool?)
I found myself keeping time with the music...
my head to the concrete deck...
on every down beat.

To crank up the swanky vibe ...
hotels will throw mattresses around the pool.
(I wonder who first decided
a Sealy Postapedic on a concrete pool deck was cool?)

And apparently real pool hipsters wear
cool hats
with cool brims
 to increase their cool factor.


I totally rocked
"my kind of swanky"
at that LA Live pool.

And I was easy to spot, just in case PaulA was looking for me.

There I was...

rocking out with my iPod set to some real music...
Jimmy Buffet.

And after finishing my margarita...
and adjusting my parrot hat...
I took a swim around my mattress.

The line between swanky

is preeettty thin.