Friday, May 10, 2013

Unannounced Interruption

You find yourselves in the area and think…
“Let’s stop by and say hello to the Winkerbeans.” 
You’re good friends, 
so they should be happy to see you…
unless, of course, 
they're in the middle of something…
and you're an  

Or maybe, you're a favorable interruption
from cleaning the garage.

I have noticed that folks in the North 
don't usually stop in on each other "unannounced."
 They call and give a warning. 
That gives folks time to stop what they're doing, 
or about to do. 
It gives them time to fix their hair 
or get out of bed…
’cause it is noon already and 
“Why is your lazy ass still in bed?”

I think things are a little different down South. 
A while ago we lived in Jacksonville, Florida 
and had a neighbor, Tom, 
who lived across the street.

 When we first met Tom, 
he told us that Jacksonville was the 
“coldest place he ever lived.”
And he mentioned that absolutely every.single.time.
we saw him.

The first time our Florida doorbell rang,
PaulA and I looked at each other (huh?)
 then peeked out the window
and saw
"Tom The Coldest Place I Ever Lived" 
standing there
 in his shorts and flip flops, with a beverage in hand. 
So we put on smiles, opened the door,
 and wondered, "What up?"

After a few minutes of conversation 
about the weather and nothing in particular….
we figured it out.
"Tom The Coldest Place I Ever Lived " 
was just stopping by. 
He didn’t want to borrow our weed wacker or complain. 
 He was just being friendly and saying "hello."
(Hmm...very interesting species.)


People in our neck of the woods 
aren't usually dropping in on each other "unannounced."
When the doorbell rings….
it is often….just like we thought…
"Jehovah Witnesses bearing 
pamphlets, bad suits, and briefcases.”

So if you show up at my door…"unannounced."
 It might take me a minute to get to the door. 
You see, I'm peeking at you through the window.

And if I arrive at YOUR door…"unannounced." 
It’s me…
Kat "The Coldest Place I’ve Ever Lived Is Syracuse"
just saying, "Hello."