Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GRADuation SEAson

Graduation season is now upon us.

From preschool to grad school…
there is a sea of grads 
wearing caps and gowns and
 marching to "Pomp and Circumstance."

This year is special because 
Sweet Wishy 
will be graduating from Boston University on Friday. 

Hard to believe our baby girl is graduating…
especially when it feels like Bri 
just skipped off toward the bus stop 

for kindergarden.


Graduation is when 
politicians, athletes, and entertainers 
are asked by universities and colleges 
to give speeches
and bestow 
 (cultured and fresh) pearls of wisdom, 
nuggets of knowledge, 
and lumps of life lessons.

This got me thinking.....
(oh noooooo)
If I was asked to give 
a graduation speech…haha
(now that is ridiculous)
what advice would I have for 
college graduates?

Don't worry be happy?
stolen from Bobby McFerrin.
Choose to be happy?
stolen from Chelsea.
Follow your passion?
my passion is eating ice cream.

I think my speech would sound more like this:

Hear Me, 
Hear Me, 
Hear Me,
Friends, Romans, and  College Graduates….
Your college days may be over 
hereafter and unto you…
every day will continue to be a learning experience.
And you will be tested.  

Sometimes you'll  pass with flying colors
and pull an A+,

 but there will also be times when you'll Flag it and
fail miserably.

Keep on learning.

flunking out is not an option.

Plus you might luck out and 
get partial credit or 
graded on a curve.
(love me some partial credit and curving.)

Oh, and also remember ….
wear sunscreen.
(okay, stolen.)

ps.  We will be looking for you Wishy in the 
Sea of Grads...
cheering for YOU.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Brianna!


BREI said...

So cute!