Friday, May 24, 2013

Tattoo Who?

Guess who got a tattoo?

This Kat…nope
Barbie…hell yeah.

Barbie has gotten a little edgy over the years.  
I can totally understand why 
she would want to live 
 "outside the box."  

 I like the way Barbie has always stayed current with the times...
although at Barbie's mature age of 54,
I'm still waiting for Wrinkle Barbie.

Apparently there are some parents who are up in arms 
about the tats on Barbie…
(not to mention the t?ts on Barbie.)

Mattel addressed the "issue" saying that Tattoo Barbie 
was really designed for the adult Barbie collector.  
My sister is one of those adult Barbie collectors.  
(I wonder if Sistsersledge sneaks down to her storage room 
and plays with her collection?)


The tats on the new Tattoo Barbie 
are not of the removable sticker variety 
found on the 2009 Tattoo Barbie.

These tats are permanent ink.  

I  hope Barbie didn't get 
tattooed anywhere on her bod.  
With her on/off relationship with Ken, 
she could end up with
tattoo remorse…
you know, like Angeliena had with Billy Bob.

(It's one thing to wash a man out of your hair, 
quite another to wash him out from under your skin.)


I've started wondering…(uh oh)
if I was a Barbie, 
what Barbie would I be?

Easy decision…
Blogger Barbie.  

I'd  sit at my pink laptop 
in my pink Mailbu Dreamhouse
and crank out blogs.  
At the end of a good blogger day,
 I'd get in my pink Glam convertible 
and drive around the hood.

Every day I'd be tickled pink.

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