Monday, May 6, 2013

Song Wedgie

I have this quirk SLASH problem…
or should I say 
"quirky problem."

I always have a song playing in my head. 
every. waking. moment.

The Today Show recently did a segment about the "phenomenon"...
calling it an "ear worm."

To me it feels me more like a 
wedgie than a worm...
I call it a 
"song wedgie." 
(A wedgie at any end is irritating.)

I'm not sure why I'm a walking iTunes.
I would be much better off
 if  algorithms
instead of rhythms 
occupied my mind.
But alas…
that would be for-not.

I don't always have the same song playing in my head. 
I'm only stuck on 
until I've heard another song.


This morning I was feeling ALL THAT
 singing OUTLOUD
the latest tune 
wedged in my head
"I'm sexy and I know it"
toasting my English Muffin,
peanut buttering my English Muffin,
chewing my English Muffin.

I did take notice of the 
sideways glances I was getting
 from PaulA.

I would appreciate a little 
with changing the tune in my head.
Here's my iTunes password... 

Help me... 
Uhhhh OOhhh.....

a new song wedgie.

help me Rhonda, 
help, help me Rhonda...
help me Rhonda,
help, help me Rhonda.....

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