Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day 

the "unofficial" 
start to summer....  
this year it "officially" 
feels like 
we skipped over summer 
and ended up back in winter….
ala Vermont yesterday.
Walden, VT 5/26/13

Let's just hope this crappy weather 
isn't a hint of what is to come.  

New England's summer
 is short enough.
It's like we get a taste of summer...
an Emeril's Essence.  

The season first starts out on with a bang 
on Memorial Day.

Then it gets kicked up a notch 

on the Fourth of July.

BAM! BAM! ...and it's already Labor Day.

We have to live each summer day to the fullest, 
we’re standing at Customer Service...
looking for a refund. 
We have to find ways to pack everything into 
12 BANGING weeks.

So fire up that barbecue.  

Today you have a free pass 
to binge on 
burgers, buns,
baked beans, 
and brownies. 
Woo hoo. 


Last Memorial Day 
PaulA and I were having breakfast at IHOP.
While I was feasting on a short stack...
 I watched a young man 
say goodbye to his sweetie who worked there. 
(They were recently engaged and 
he was leaving for active duty.)
(I have a way of eavesdropping.)
Needless to say, my tears flooded my short stack 
as I watched their emotional goodbye.
I'm thinking of that young man today 
and hoping he's home this Memorial Day 
with his sweetie, family, and friends.

Memorial Day 
is about honoring the men and women 
who have served, protected, and given their lives 
for our country and our freedom. 

 Thank you, Thank you...
to all these courageous men and women.

35 days until the Fourth of July. 

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