Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laptop OUT of commision

My laptop is OUT...

Out of commission.

I am posting this blog today with the help of my iPad and
old clunker desktop.  
(A sufficient/proficient/iron deficient blogger should always have a back-up plan.)  
I guess they work in a pinch.  
Pinch me now.

I know I'm only a blogger 
 and not a PC doctor...
but I'm guessing my Dell laptop was invaded by a virus.

I'm  not exactly sure how and when the virus entered  my Dell.  

It was working one moment ...
firing on all processors...

and  then the next moment, 
it was flashing "crash" on a blue screen.

And to think this occurred on my birthday. 
no wonder I feel old.
Happy Birthday to Me.

I have a sneaking suspicion 
a nasty bug, 
created by an even nastier bug maker... 
wormed its way into my Dell

...and the darn thing isn't even an Apple.

The prognosis wasn't good for dear Dell, 
so  I decided not to revive it. 

Ten months ago I had given it a 
third lease on life...
 I've coughed-up enough $$$ taking care of my ailing PC.  
 Not enough Band Aid fixes can keep it going.

So I have given my Dell 
"Do Not resuscitate" 


I wish I could catch the people spreading viruses to healthy PC's.

It would be poetic justice 
if the perpetrators spreading these nasty germs 
came down with a virus of their own.

I would even feel vindicated... 
if  they came down with a bad case of bed bugs. 

These low-down perps should at least have trouble sleeping at night.

I have a couple of words for the perps 
who generate viruses that create 
byte it.

Now I'm off to buy a new laptop.
hmmmm.....On second thought...

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Frances said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Buy a Macbook!