Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anchors Away

I  watch the local news, 
mainly for the weather...
to know how many layers I should put on...
 to get the forecast for the 
upcoming weekend. 
 Living for the weekend...oh yea.

But I have to say...
I find it painful to watch the casual banter 
between the local anchor people.

I don’t find their joking around 
funny, comical, or amusing. 
(ummm, apparently I don't like it much.)

 Maybe that’s because they are a few waking hours ahead of me.
They've been up since 4:30 a.m. and are
Jacked from Joe...
when this Jill
 has yet to take her first sip of Joe
before heading up the hill. 

By the time the evening news rolls around 
(and I am awake) ...
the jokes haven’t gotten any funnier.

But what is funny is how they want us to think they are 
one big happy 
"news family"... 
and they get together to
have a couple of beers and play "Parchesi"...  

when we really know 
they are dysfunctional as the 
Hatfields and McCoys...
It's more like rifles, rye, and "Risk."

There are times I feel embarrassed for them
during their awkward banter.

I've been tempted to send flowers 
to the news station...



I’m not entirely sure why news people are called “anchors"  anymore.  
I'm sure you’ve noticed, 
they aren't exactly anchored to their desks.  
Their tethers have been cut...
so it's Anchors Aweigh.

I used to wonder what news folk were wearing under their desks.
But now that they are standing out front...
exposing themselves...
I don't have  to clutter my mind wondering...whether it's 
pjs?  pants? boxers? briefs?

On second thought, I could...
drop anchor
and just log onto 
to get 
without the wise guys.

So it's looks like...

Anchors Away

Time for me to set sail.
( is calling for "fair skies.")

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