Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kat, Are You My Mother?

The children's book,
“Are You My Mother,”
by P.D. Eastman
was one of my all-time favorite books as a kid...
and definitely a favorite
to read to my kids. 
Are You My Mother? An I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Book    -     
        By: P.D. Eastman

Remember the story? 
A Momma bird leaves her nest to look for food. 
During her absence, her egg hatches and her baby bird falls to the ground. 
In his search for his Mother, baby bird encounters a
kitten, dog, airplane, hen, cow, steamboat, steam shovel (snort) asking each,
“Are you my mother?”
This week that book came to life for me...
when I noticed through our back slider door...
3 black kittens on our patio.
They looked confused and bewildered. 
With wide eyes in my direction, they asked,
“Are you my mother?”
The thought crossed my mind to adopt them and become their mother.
After all, I am a Kat with an empty nest.  
It would be great to hear the pitter patter of furry feet again. 
But when I opened the slider door,
the kittens scurried away.
 Later that afternoon when I checked again...
there they were...

huddled together in one big black fur ball
on the bottom stair basking in the warm fall sun.
Two of the kittens picked their heads up and looked at me...
again asking, 
"Are you my mother?"

I had questions.
Where was their mother? 
Did she abandon them? 
Are they hungry?
Where was their dad? 
Was he another deadbeat TomCat who knocked up Momma Cat
and was back slinking around the Kitty Cub; getting lap dances?  
I felt sorry for the motherless kittens...
but I also knew, if I fed them I would be their mother.   
What was this Kat to do?
PaulA who poured two bowls of milk for the kittens and put them outside. 
Will they come? 
You bet they come. 
First one kitten,
then another...
looking back at PaulA asking,
 "Are you my mother?"

The book by P.D. Eastman has  a happy ending.  
Momma bird flies back to her nest and is reunited with her baby bird
after the 'snort' puts him back in the nest. 

And so,
the ending of my story goes...
The next morning I checked for the kittens and
 lo and behold,

there was
Momma Cat
sitting on the patio with her kittens. 
PLUS, a fourth kitten,
that hadn’t been there the day before. 
(Obviously, Momma Cat had been busy the day before, 
taking Kitty #4 to soccer practice.)

I smiled to see Momma Cat with her baby kittens.   
As I watched the Momma/kitty reunion,
Momma Cat looked back at me saying,


“Thanks Kat,
I got it from here." 

I love happy endings.


Frances said...

Love this post! I wonder if the Mama is/was a pet to someone in the neighborhood?

I love that picture of the Mama cat staring back.


Chelsea Coleen said...

ahhhh! i didnt know the momma came back! that picture of all 4 of them walking away is TOO CUTE!!

Sistersledge said...

Great story Kat! You and PaulA were wonderful substitute mothers. I hope they have a home to go to. They are all so cute.