Friday, October 26, 2012

DWTS..."Picking Teams"

Have you been watching 

I used to watch, but I haven't this season.  
There was a time I was all about 
six packs
spray-on tans.
but now I'm all about

But I do know what's been going on with DWTS.  

I heard that Carrie Ann and Arbor.  
(Okay, google says it's...Carrie Ann Inaba)
fell out of her chair 
while excitedly clapping for a sexy male dancer.

Apparently, she was not sloshed to the gills, 
but was so hot and bothered by the Giles 
that she was knocked off her seat...
(both of them.)

I've also heard that Bristol Palin got the
 boot and 
swift kick of the high heel.

She is now off the show...
which was sad for Ms. Bristol Palin.

But even sadder than that....was
BEFORE Bristol was 
booted, kicked, and shit-canned....
she was the last person 
to be picked for the team dances.  

Ahhhhh.....The horror of being chosen last.


The thought of two team captains...
standing there 
each taking turns choosing members for their team is a 
middle school nightmare.

I remember times in middle school 
when the gym teacher chose 2 team captains 
and allowed them to take turns picking members for their own teams.   
Do they still do this? 
(Tell me it ain't so.)

I'l never forget the suspense standing there 
in my one-piece gym uniform...
with my knees knocking...
waiting to get picked.  

I didn't care what number I was chosen..
but dear God...
let it not be last.

So I'd try to put on a good game face and... 
look like a playa.
I'd try to make myself look
but any way I tried to present myself...
I was still a peanut 
with little legs 
and weak arms.

At least there is some consolation for Bristol.

Her dance uniforms...

were waaay cuter than the uniform 
I was forced to wear back in the day.

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