Monday, October 22, 2012


I chose today…
a regular Monday, 
nothing special day….
 to write this blog about 
for a few reasons....

1.  I'm thinking of Brianna.
2.  Brianna is missed like crazy.
3.  Brianna's Semester-at-Sea 
 is half over.
(boo hoo for her/
woo hoo for me.)

Today, Brianna is leaving CapeTown, South Africa
 and cruising towards Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. 
(Let's hope for smooth H2O during the 12 days across the Atlantic.)

From what Bri@sea has explained to me…
she is now officially an
"Emerald Shellback." 

An  "Emerald Shellback" is a rare designation
 given to those at sea 
who cross the point where
the equator and the prime meridian meet.
0º latitude/0º longitude
(380 miles south of Ghana/670 miles west of Gabon)
From what I heard...
the "Emerald Shellback" status is celebrated as 
"Neptune Day"onboard the ship  
and is beyond F.U.N.

I don't think I'll ever be an Emerald Shellback
but I am 
6º of Kevin Bacon.

It goes without saying,
Bri’s trip around the Atlantic rim is a trip of a lifetime.
Visiting places like Ghana and staying in a remote village
 is life changing.

Senase, Ghana

On a trip like this,
you learn a lot of things…
not just about different places...
you also learn a lot about yourself.  

I know when Bri left last August... 
she anticipated learning about different countries, people, and their culture.  
She anticipated meeting new friends onboard and abroad.  
She anticipated TONS of fun. 

londy loons

But you can't anticipate everything.
And that is when you learn the most about yourself.  
You figure things out.   
New experiences. New situations. 

I hope Bri@sea is keeping a Diary.  
It will be interesting for her to read back on all this...


Today I think of
our sweet, smiley...
ray of sunshine.
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

We can’t wait to hear Bri's fascinating tales
of far away places.   
And to give her a hug.

Bri@sea has sooo many friends and family
this side of the prime meridian and equator….
who love her and miss her. 
 like. crazy.

Our Emerald Shellback 
is half way home.
woo hoo


Chelsea Coleen said...

cheers to our bri! can't wait to catch up with her in person and hear some more amazing stories!!

Sistersledge said...

Congratulations to Bri! We can't wait to hear about her travels and experiences. I can't help but think about how lucky all those people are to have met HER!