Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Anniversary So Right

Today marks my 31st Wedaversary



PaulA =

 31 years of wedded bliss. 
 (yes, bliss bliss bliss)

31 years is a long time,
but when it's with the right person...
it feels so right.

I liked the comment Chelsea left a couple of weeks ago
on my five year blogaversary entry...
(yes, 5, blog, blog)

"a lot is different, but some things never change."

Her comment about the last 5 years...
has me thinking about the past 31 years.

There is a lot that is different.

PaulA and I are older, wiser, and...
have better taste.

And we were blessed to have 3 kids,
who are older, wiser, and...

tasting freedom.

But as Chelsea also wrote
" some things never change."

And when I think about it....that girl is so right.

(woo hoo, bigC)

 is my bff
has incredible energy and amazing stamina...(take your mind out of the gutter)
puts a card in the envelope upside down, wrong way, lefty style
writes a sentimental card that brings tears
makes me laugh
my center
my(house) rock
 my love for 31  years...and counting


Being the creatures of tradition that we are...

I'll open the card PaulA put 'wrong way' in the envelope.
I'll get teary when I read his beautifully written sentiments.
 My tears will turn to laughter.
I'll wear my wedding gown
that I keep stored in a blue Rubbermaid container in the basement.
And we'll dance to our song "Something So Right" (sing it, Barbra Streisand)

like we did that day.

After 31 years...we're still the same corny couple.
Some things never change...
especially when they are
something so right.


Frances said...

Happy Anniversary to the best couple I know, Kat and PaulA.

You two are simply amazing!

Cheers to another 31.


Chelsea Coleen said...

happy anniversary! LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! xoxoxo best tradition ever :)

Jayne said...

OMG Kat you made me cry! You two are the best. Love you both, your sister Jayne (aka sistersludge)

Sistersledge said...

Wow! You guys are still as cute as ever! Happy Anniversary! Love you both!