Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Talk Like A Pirate Day"

September 19th is

“Talk Like A Pirate Day”…



And yes, "Talk Like A Pirate Day"
 is a real day...

As real as ....

National Boss Day 
(which happens to be October 16th,
 should you want to get on the boss's good side.)


Story has it...
this day was crafted by two guys who
when playing racquetball
turned their groans and cheers into pirate slang. 
They pitched their idea for a "Talk Like A Pirate Day" 
to Pulitzer-prize winning columnist Dave Barry
who featured it in his column...

and the rest, as they say, is pirate history.





This Kat comes from a long lineage of courageous
plunderers and pillagers.


                                                                  Meet me family...




We band together
once a year 
in bandanas and buckles
for grog, gruel,
and a hair from the Captain Morgan.





Talking like a Pirate is not hard.

Any landlubber can do it.


It just takes some improper English...

drop your "g's"
drop your "v's"
throw in a "ye" and a "be"
always talk in the "present"'er the "past"...

and ye ne'er be talkin' better.


should your voice be hoarse from many a tankard a grog ...

Ye be a grand pirate talker.




Join the fun

(but leave your swords at home)


“Talk Like A Pirate"

but matey,

should tomorrow ye be talkin' pirate...

ye be gettin' many a strange look.





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Sistersledge said...

No joke! I heard my coworkers talking in pirate yesterday and wondered what that was about. Ha!