Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th Anniversary

Today marks the
11th anniversary of Sept. 11th
and this morning's blue sky and cool temps are reminiscent
 of that September Tuesday morning
11 years ago.
Although this anniversary may put us another year away from that horrific day,
our hearts and minds are never that distant. 
Directly or indirectly...we were ALL changed that day. 
Rememberance and Reflection 
are powerful 
and we do that
in bustling big cities and sleepy small towns throughout our nation
on this anniversary.
  There is power when people come together...
with full hearts, those who were lost
 on the strength of this great nation to move forward.
remember and reflect on September 11th...11 years ago. 
The fortitude and strength gained from each other...
cannot be overlooked and underestimated on this annivesary
and the anniversaries to come.

Never Forget.

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