Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFL Referee Strike

If you are a football fan
or close to one...
you’ve heard screaming
about the NFL referee strike.  
The Referee union and NFL owners
are banging heads over the terms of the
referee’s pen$ion and compen$ation.
  It’s always about the money.
Unfortunately the lockout of the league’s professional officials has brought
"Replacement Refs" to officiate the games...
aka scabs
(many with zero experience in officiating professional sports.)
These replacement refs have fans and coaches seeing red,
and many fans and bookies losing green.
(It’s always about the money.)
They have botched, bungled, and butchered calls...
and blown game-changing plays.
They have fumbled, fouled, and fallen down...
and they aren’t even running plays.
The Seattle Seahawks
The Green Bay Packers...

The fate of that Monday Night Football game was decided by a
whose previous experience was reffing
high school and junior college games.
The banker called it a Seahawk 'touchdown'
when it should have been a Green Bay 'interception.'
 A banker with no professional experience is hardly
an asset to the game.
Heck, even the
the Lingerie Football League
fired some replacement refs due to 'incompetent officiating.'

You know the replacement refs are extra atrocious
when a league that plays in

bras and skimpy underwear...

sees through the flimsy outfit.
This lockout has me thinking about how powerful a strike can be.
I, myself and I,
has threatened
to strike before...
to walk off this blogging job
in an effort
to get more comments
from my readers. 
Now I'm thinking I should have a
novice, incompetent scab
replace me,
so readers miss my expertly honed blogging skills. 

Maybe the readers would come around. 
That genius thought crossed my mind....
until I realized
there are those who will pick the


every time
 I would just be left

licking my wounds.



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