Thursday, September 6, 2012


Some people love the smell of


or fresh cut grass...

or the inside of a new car.

I happen to  love the smell of the store,  Staples...
especially this time of year.


There's nothing like the smell of

back-to-school supplies

(exception: a fistful of cash.)

I’m not sure what ingredients give Staples it's unique scent.
Maybe it’s the combo of notebook paper and No. 2 lead...

but I swear if they bottled it...
I would wear it.

'Eau de Staples'



As a kid, I looked forward to the first day of school...
just for the school supplies. 

I loved choosing new pencils, pens, markers, paper…
and organizing my notebooks with subject dividers.
So when our kids started school…
I happily skipped into the nearest Staples with their lists of school supplies.

I've always liked getting organized in the paper, file, index sort-of-way...
so I couldn't wait to help my kid’s organize their piles of supplies for school.

 Big C and Wishy, however, preferred to do it themselves,
so I forced myself to sit on my hands…
and longingly watch from atleast a ruler’s distance.

Colinboy never minded my assistance.

Heck, Colin delegated the job to me as though he was 
and I was his secretary.

 “Go ahead Kat,
organize my notebooks,
sharpen my pencils...
and get them all back to me
by the end of the day.

Oh, and I take my coffee "Black."

I think Colinboy pretty much invented the Staples mantra:
“That was easy.”

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