Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Avian Side Story

Sitting with my butt planted in my "Katalac"...
(aka awesome beach chair)...

I watched a seagull land on the beach with dinner in his beak.
As the seagull looked for a
little salt and pepper to season his
2 black crows landed on the beach
behind him. 


 The odds didn't look good...

2 black crows

1 seagull

             It looked like the crows would grab-and-fly with the poor gull's dinner...        .
but, not-so-fast.
The seagull realized they
were sneaking up behind him.


That's when the trash-talk started:
 (I have a bird brain...hence the following translation.)

SeaGull:  "Hey Crow...
I may be a gull, but I'm not gullible.
I know what you are up to.
Beak Off."

Black Crows:  "No spindly legged bird
is gonna tell us what we can do. 
Beak off, yourself."

Then before I knew it...
I heard in the distance what sounded like
 finger snapping
(or was it beak tapping?)
Cue the music.....
West Side Story

The Gull reinforcements had arrived.
2 seagulls landed behind the 2 crows.

It was
The Jets 
 The Sharks
The  two rivals were ready to rumble.
They looked ready to take each other on...beak-to-beak...
when the wind blew...
and the crows flew away

The Gulls prevailed this time...
but they can never be too careful.
The Gulls should never count the crows out.
The Crows have been making comebacks
 for years...
but who's counting?

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