Friday, September 21, 2012

Revealing Royals

A Wiseass Word to the Royals...

 keep your clothes on.

You would think the Royal family would have figured out by now
that there a few blokes who are more than interested in
where they go,
what they do,
and what they wear...
or in most cases...

what they don’t wear.

We were just getting over the sordid pictures of a
naked Prince Harry in Las Vegas.
Note to Harry...get better at playing strip poker.

The lowbrow pics of
rowdy Royal Harry
probably raised an eyebrow or two
with his highbrow grandmother,
Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth.

It is not unusual for the Queen to have
the crown jewels on display for the public...


His Royal Heinyness Harry
took his display of the crown jewels

to a lower level.

And now there are photos circulating of a
Princess Kate.

Oh, my Kate...
say it ain’t so.
(to be read with your hands covering your mouth.)


I’m wondering...
if the paparazzi followed my every move...
would a revealing photo surface of ME?

Well....there was the streaking craze back in the 70's
but streaking just wasn’t for me.
I find it impossible to run naked.

there was a time ..
a couple of weeks ago at the beach...
when I took an outdoor shower and...

a chap happened by...


Oh, my Kat...
say it ain’t so...
(to be read tongue-in-cheek.)

Needless to say...

The Royals have had it up to their crown jewels
with the paparazzi invading their privates space.
They plan to punish the photographer responsible for taking the photos.
I'm thinking someone's head is gonna roll.
Look what happend to Anne Boleyn...
just saying.

I do believe everyone is entitled to privacy...
but the Royals need to be bloody smart about it.
They have to know that whenever they decide to
drop trou
drop top
in a place other than Buckingham Palace...
there's sure to be a schmucko with a hi-powered telephoto lens
aimed at them from a half mile away.

In the meantime...
Kate needs to take a page from the
Queen Mum’s Manual.


pour herself a stiff one.

Cheerio for now...

until the next time the royal crown jewels
are on display.

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