Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone Phrenzy

we all scream for
So were you one of the gazillions of people around the world last Friday who
queued up and segued your way along
a long, long line for Apple’s new iPhone 5?
The only time I’ve waited in a line that long was
Free Cone Day
 at Ben and Jerry’s. 
woo hoo.. 
(chocolate fudge brownie, get in my belly.)
for iceCREAM
When it comes to the smart phone...
the Android has been the Apple of my eye. 
I love the way it whispers “droid” to me whenever I get a text. 
It has me at “droid”...every time.

BUT, don’t get me wrong,
I am a fan of many varieties of Apples...
the iPad...the iPod...and the McIntosh (the original Mac.)
 (I was born in I know my apples.)

The launch of the new Apple phone couldn’t have been better timed.
After all, the Fall is apple picking season.
But watch your apples...
the new iPhone is so hot,
people are stealing them...
giving new meaning to “apple picking.”

As with the launching of every brand new product, there are glitches. 
The glitch with the new iPhone 5 has to do with the map app...
but I’m sure they will work the worms out of it any day.

One bad apple app ...
don’t spoil the whole bunch.
So...Let’s get down to the core of the apple
Who are these people willing to stand in line for
hours and hours and hours
for the new iPhone 5?
Gadget Geeks?
Techno Techs?
People who buy into the “hype?"
People who like being "first" to own?
Geeky Techs who buy into the 'hype' and want to be ' first'  to own new products?

Apparently, these folks like their Apples
crisp and right off the tree.

I don't want to upset the Apple cart...
but I prefer to let my Apple ripen
over a period of time.
After it has matured,
I enjoy it...
before it rots.
After the iPhone frenzy calms down...
I’ll probably go Apple picking.
(wait, I’m paying.)
I’m sure I’ll eventually pick the iPhone5
and add it to my collection
of other Apple Products...

iHear there is nothin’ like an

Apple iProduct Pie...
hot out of the oven.





Chelsea Coleen said...

Hahaha clever :) There were a bunch of people lined up at the mall on Friday as well. So crazy. That store gives me a headache just looking into it with all the people. Nooo thank you! I heard someone on the radio say he would pay a person $1,500 to stand in line for him! hahaha Now for that price.... I'd do it.

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