Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Usernames, Passwords, and Pins


Oh shit MY.

Does anyone have any tricks for remembering usernames, passwords, and pins?
  What do you do to keep them all straight?
Maybe you’re lucky to be born with a pornographic…whoops….
photographic memory.

I don’t have a photographic memory.
The only number I have committed to memory 
is my Mastercard number...
and that number will forever be burned
in my internal memory drive.

I have tried keeping the same usernames and passwords to make cyberlife easier…
but over the years,
it has gotten increasingly more difficult.

Sometimes the username I choose is already is in use,
so I'm forced to come up with a new one.
I was shocked to discover that
was already taken. 

These days the 'systems' require your password to be
to contain atleast an uppercase letter and symbol. 
I hate it when my password is more sophisticated than I am.
(Note to self:  Try wearing a beret.  Berets scream sophistication.)

Once after I had few (of many) negative experiences with Comcast...
I changed my Comcast password to
"ComcastSucks! "
uppercase, lowercase and a symbol. 

It just oozed "sophistication."

It’s a good idea to choose usernames and passwords 
that have personal meaning/releavance to you.
I easily identify with
but when I’m feeling extra spectacular about myself…
I opt for my inner...

Then there are times I simply go with versions of Kat.
"Katscratch", "Katsup", "Katburglar", "koolKat", Katfish."

I particularly like…"don’tlettheKatoutofthebag"…
but the computer always spits that one back at me. 

With so many Kat configurations...
over time I’m not sure which Kat is where it’s at.


My ingenious trick to keeping everything straight
is a little book where I list all 47 username/password/pin combinations.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea…
but I keep the book next to my computer.
That way I can find it.  
Apparently, you can too. 

Now that I think about it…
leaving the book next to the computer is probably like
giving the prisoner the keys to his own jail cell...
ala Otis Campbell style,
the town drunk, who used to let himself in and out of jail in "Mayberry RFD." 
(For you TV LAND)
Folks just might be able to let themselves in and out of my business.

"The  Next Big Thing” 
in cyberworld would be...
for someone to come up with a solution to
the username/password/pin Oh Crap problem.....

until then....

Will the person using the username

kindly give it up?

If not, I will be forced to get



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Sistersledge said...

You'll always be the numero uno Fatassblogger to me Kat!