Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Madonna VS Lady Gaga



Lady Gaga

Two heavy weights

with very large egos

have squared off in a proverbial boxing match in the pop world arena.

You would think that there would be enough room 
for both egos to coexist...
without them banging heads..
 they seem positioned to duke it out.

Initially the air was clear between them..
even with Lady Gaga
getting all the attention. 

But when Lady Gaga released her song,

"Born this Way"...
Madonna felt sucker punched...aka

Granted, there are similarities between 
Lada Gaga's "Born This Way" and
Madonna's "Express Yourself." 
Even Lady Gaga admitted there was a similar chord progression...
but what's the big deal?

The Material Girl could also be accused of "ripping-off" material.

Madonna should know...

"Lest thou not make accusations
...if thou art ripping-off too."

If you put Madonna's song AND video
side-by-side with Malcom Mclaren's song AND video
"Deep in Vogue"
(released the year before Madonna's)
the similarities are remarkable.


For me...the worse "rip-off"  incident was 
Madonna at her show in Istanbul
when she ripped off her bra...

and flashed her "nip". ..
which is short for "nipple"...
which is short for

Call me crazy, but in public I like to express myself
with my clothes on. 
 I guess I just was "Born this way."

In the meantime....

Ladies, back to your corners...

Try to 

take it on the chin
and roll with the punches.

You both are knock-outs.

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Chelsea Coleen said...

They are still both knockouts who are richer then this knockout!!!! I am interested to play the videos and listen to the similarities. Reason #1 I wish my cubicle had a door. To watch youtube videos my mother posts. DUH