Monday, June 18, 2012

Attention to Beat the Band

Why is it
when you don't want to draw attention to do everything
The room you are about to enter is dead QUIET ...
even the church mice aren't
making a squeak.

You think you can creep in without drawing attention to yourself. 

Your plan is to sit in the back of the room.
But as only your
out-of-luck sorry-ass
would have it...
the only seats available are the ones in the front row.

So instead of quietly creeping in, as you have pictured...
the real picture is: a drum major
with the Million Dollar Band...
...playing right behind you.

"Oh, when the Saints Come Marching In."
Roll Tide.

So Kat, why do you bring up this random subject?
(I like to ask myself questions.)

It has to do with my latest
"dumbass attention-getting moment."

It was 8:30 am and I was bringing my car in for service. 
I decided to wait for it with the
 other got-you-by-the-balls customers
waiting for their cars.
The room was crowded with people reading, working, and listening to the
bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, broadcaster blaring on the boob tube.

I decided I'd quietly slip in and take a seat
next to the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall. 
I figured I'd blend right in with it.
(We both have a similar look and put out small fires.)

I carried a tote bag with a book and an iPad 
to keep myself occupado. 


only as my out-of-luck sorry-ass would have it...
 loud music started playing when I entered the room
and it wasn't the
Million Dollar Band.

 It was my iPad playing

"Beat It"

at Level LOUD.

I frantically tried to turn it off, but it played for 25 minutes...
okay, probably  more like 25 seconds,
but I do know Michael Jackson sang
"Beat it" 
"Just Beat it"
 at least 15 times.

If I wasn't so shocked and horrified,
I would have danced. 
I love M.J's music.

After I managed to silence it. 
I sheepishly looked up to see what commotion I had stirred...
and I caught a couple of smirks and smiles from a few folks.

They might have been Michael Jackson fans,
or they were just glad it was me and not them...who was the
 "star of the dumbass moment."


Although it was embarrassing...I decided things could have been a lot worse.

My iPad could have played

I always get a lot of attention when that one plays.

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B.Healy said...

hahaha laughing hard over here. Michael Jackson is a fan favorite, so no worries there!