Monday, June 11, 2012


This weekend I watched

Maria Sharapova


Sara Errani 

in the Women's Final of  the French Open.

oooh la la
voulez-ous couchez avec moi

Pardone my French, but
that's my extent of the language.

It can get pretty dirty out there on the red clay court...

and I'm not just
talking nasty red dirt all over cute tennis dresses.

I'm talking about the

Is it just me?     
The screaming has gotten out of control in women's tennis. 
It has increasingly climbed to new decibels with
Maria Sharapova
at the top of the decibel chart.

"They" say tennis is a game of

but when Maria plays it...
it sounds like
she means

Granted, the men also make noises as they exhale,
but keep it down on the decibel scale. 
They make lower grunting sounds....
caveman style. 
"ugga ugga.  
Me got balls and this really big tennis stick
and me gonna beat you with it."

I couldn't help but

roll off the couch in hysterics

listening to Maria's opponent scream back at her. 

Eranni would not be intimidated by Maria's shrieking. 
I swore if you listened carefully enough

you could hear her yelling back...
"Drop Dead."


It does feel good to let out a good screeeeam.
Maybe we all should occasionally...

Just do it.

I'm long overdue for a good shriek.

  I think the last time I took advantage of a full-bodied scream...
I was in the rally of childbirth...

my own labor of

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B.Healy said...

hahahah i'm so excited for wimbledon!!! let the screaming match begin