Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday, Brianna

Happy Birthday

Our "Sweet Wishy" is
21 years old
and legal in all 50 states.
woo hoo...Alaska, Alabama...Connecticut......
Right now you might find "Breezy Street"  
in the State of  Bliss.

How quickly the time has flewn
from Bri babyhood to adulthood...
especially when I can picture her so vividly...
our baby girl with the angelic face and disposition. 

It also wasn’t long ago that Bri flew the coop for college
and left PaulA and I with an empty nest...

sooo hard to believe she is now a college senior. 

It seems like only yesterday that Brianna and I took our
"Thelma and Louise Road Trip"
to check out different schools.

We were a couple of crazy chicks
(Young Breezy and Kat)
on the open road...making
and taking P P-turns.

Yep, we were running amuck and a...mire...
a high wire act on 4 tires
visiting different college campuses.

I remember wanting to turn the admissions table on all the colleges we visited.
Believe you me,
I was a fixin' to march into every Admissions Office
and tell them they would be darn lucky to have her.
(I turn country when I get riled up)

and that's because
our "Sweet Wish" is 
"Grade A"...
especially in the subjects that really count.  


Brianna has ended up with many nicknames over the years.
Bri, Wish, Sweet Wish, Wishy, Wish Queen, Wish Queen of America,
Breezy, Young Breezy, Breezy Street.

She received the nickname "Wishy"
from the Cinderella song I used to sing to her before bed...
"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”...
which was then followed-up
(by her request)
with a spirited rendition of
 “Take Me out to the Ballgame.
(and she always sang along.)

If I had known she would someday go to college in Boston
and be a Red Sox fan...I would have sung my favorite Neil Diamond song
and today
her nickname just might be 
“Sweet Caroline.”

I know it sounds strange/corny/bizarro
to quote from an old Tom Cruise movie...
but when I think of Brianna,
I can’t help think of that infamous line from “Jerry Maguire” ....

“Show Me the Money.”

Wait, Not that one. 

“You complete me.”

On 6/5/91...our family was complete. 

"Brianna, you complete US."

There's a celebration going on today...
and you can find it....

on Breezy Street.


Chelsea Coleen said...

did you cry while writing this? i can picture you crying. probably because i teared up. happy birthday brianna!!! and congrats to YOU katlady. for bringing a sweet baby wish into this world :)

B.Healy said...

i just teared up too!!! Guess we know where we get it from!! Love you all, such a great family! Made the ice cream cake so I can feel even more at home :) xoxox

Sistersledge said...

This blog is as sweet as sweet wishy herself! You're an awesome family! I love you guys!