Thursday, October 31, 2013

Twerk or Treat

What age do you think is too old to go out

My Answer:  
No age limit.
 if you're expecting to get candy out of this Kat…
make sure you wear a costume.
For any trick-or-treater posers out there…
a baseball cap isn't a costume.
I've seen goth teenagers hanging around the mall who look more ready for Halloween.


The past few years I've dressed to answer the door.
Not that I normally show up naked.

One year I wore a Dunkin' Donuts employee shirt and hat (from Bri's friend) 
and handed out munchkin donuts 
along with Halloween candy.   
I'm pretty sure my neighbors thought I'd been 
moonlighting at DD's and just got off work.

Another year I dressed as a beauty pageant ‘Miss.’ 
I donned a bridesmaid gown, heels, and sash 
and smudged eye makeup and lipstick across my face.

My sash read: “Miss Applied”.  
Get it? 
(The trick-or-treaters didn't get it, 
but their parents did.)

I love costumes that are a play on words.

This is simply punderful.
Wow...nice spice rack.

Sometimes costumes are borderline inappropriate
if not completely and utterly inappropriate.

If Miley Cyrus's foam finger 
or a 
Twerking Teddy
shows up at my door...
twerk or treat

I ain't opening it;

no matter how much the wrecking ball 

comes down on my house.

Happy Halloween

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