Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13th

Famous people born on 
October 13th
Paul (Garfunkel's other half) Simon turns 72
Marie (Donny's other half) Osmond turns 54
Kelly (John Travolta's other half) Preston turns 51
Nancy (Tonya Harding's other half) Kerrigan turns 44
Kat (PaulA's crazy other half) Blogger turns XX

I don’t mind singing Happy Birthday to YOU,
you and

singing "Happy Birthday to this Kat"

It's so much more 
(It's my birthday, I can use improper English.)
when other people get older.

I remember when I used to think people my age 
were ancient.

Now these oldies are 
my homies,
my cronies,
my peeps…
get down tonight...
(I would, but I can't get up.)


"They" say that people between the ages of 
40 and 70 feel
20% younger.

So it makes sense that 
I feel 31 inside.
(If you're capable of doing the math...
don't bother...
it won't add up.)

I think this phenomenon occurs
 because the aging gods are trying to spare us 
from crying in our beer.

I shouldn't complain about my age....
10 years from today
I would LOVE 
to do this birthday all over again.

"go shawty, it's your birthday."

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