Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Anywho Profile Picture

I am never good...
in fact, 
I'm bad
about updating 
my profile pictures on social media.

There's something about
uploading my face to
aka the face lift
that just doesn't get done.

Since the beginning of B.T.
(Blogger Time)
I've had the same profile picture of myself 
with my big ass
blogging chair.

But I figured that it too, could use a lift...
you know what I mean.


I've decided today is the day
my Anywho profile is updated 
with a new picture.

Isn't this the perfect
Anywhoo shirt 
or Whaaat?

No wisecracks 
in any shape or form
from the peanut gallery 
just putting that out there.


Young and Fabulous said...

love the new pic mama healy!! :-) you look FABULOUS!!


sister Jayne said...

HaHa, Kat what a hoot!