Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Do

32 years ago today…
standing before god, our family, and friends….
PaulA and I said "I DO."
And it was the easiest, surest 2 words I've ever spoken.
There was no stumbling or mumbling…
I  boo, I coo, I foo.

"I DO."
"Something so right."
(Hence the Barbara Streisand song inscription in our wedding bands.)

All those years ago...
Was it written in the stars that our paths would cross?  
Was there a higher power at work? 
Maybe a kismet colossal big bang theory?

Before I met PaulA…
PaulA spent his freshmen year at Villanova.
He transferred to groovy UVM the fall of his sophomore year.
Apparently a voice had whispered in his ear:
"Go North young man…it is your destiny….
 you will meet the woman of your dreams…
the mother of your 3 amazing children...
the love of your life...
the ying to your yang, 
the mustard to your ketchup." (huh?)
I take dramatic license wherever I can.
(this is my blog.just saying.)

then again,
 the voice could have said;
"go to groovy UV
where you'll learn to ski, 
drink yards of beer, 
and possibly meet a chick."
(It was the late 70's, after all.)


To get to my campus dining hall,
(a girl has to eat)
I had to walk by PaulA's dorm.  
Out of the corner of my eye...
I would see him staring at me from his dorm room window.
He didn't try to hide it, 
like most stalkers do.
The next thing I knew…
he was behind me in the cafeteria line
and I could feel his eyes on my butt back.  

This Kat was a willing stalkee...
If PaulA missed a day...the cafeteria was just a place to get food...
not as appetizing. 

After a couple of months of the PaulA and Kat tango ...
our dorm floor had a party with his floor
and we "Officially" met...and started dating.

Our love story…
a tale of divine intervention...
curly haired transfer student 
groovy UV 
long hair parted-in-the-middle chick
on a college campus.
The heavens open 
they fall in love
for a very.long.time.

32 years today...
PaulA + Kat =
So Happy Together.



Kim K said...

SO right..and SO Sweet!!!
I will always remember (until the dementia kicks in,anyway) when you lived in NY. On your anniversary, your kids (and I) were mesmerized by you donning your wedding dress and meeting PaulA as he came home from work in it.
what a wonderful GIFT you two have given your kids... "Thru times easy or rough, your love was enough.." --or something like that. :)
Sure do miss you, but am thrilled to still be connected. Happy HAPPY 32nd, and many many MANY more. <3

sister Jayne said...

Great Blog Kat