Thursday, October 10, 2013

Driving in NYC- A Game of Inches

Much like a football game...
when driving in the Big Apple
your goal is the

As with both efforts...
impeding obstacles 
and knuckleheads 
make forward progress very slow and very difficult.

I recently played this 
"game of inches." 

The Playing Field…7th ave at the 48th.
The End Zone…7th ave and 44th.
(Millennium Hotel in Times Square.)

I was a true freshman 
and probably had no business playing in the big game...
but I was playing up. 
They say the only way to truly improve is to play with the 


My drive started
on the 48th with relatively good field position. 

The first play was designed for me
to move quickly
off the light...
wait, wait, wait...go
Then I'd zip around the double parked delivery truck 
and cut back into my lane.
(A good passing lane is key in this game of inches.)
But sure enough…
just when you think you've formulated 
a good offensive play…
there's someone right there in your face...
ready to block you with a well crafted defensive play. 

So before I even saw it coming….
I was blitzed by a double decker sightseeing bus 
that came at me from the right
while a tour bus came at me from the left.

I waited for a flag on the play... 
an "illegal formation" penalty,
but it never came. 
(dang traffic refs)

With my vision obstructed…
I was only able to move another yard or two, 
but I was holding ground.

The next play...
I dropped back and got behind a taxi who ran cover for me.
go Kat go

I started to gain ground
 inch by inch...
yard by yard...
into the 
End Zone…
where I jumped out of my car,
threw the parking attendant the car keys 
and celebrated with a
Kat happy dance.

I was quickly penalized for "excessive celebration"
but it was sooo worth it...

especially when the 
parking attendant and his buddies 
cheered and celebrated
with the wave.

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