Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sibling Rivalry Super Bowl

 Are you gearing up for 
The Super Bowl
as the Media likes to call it...
"The Harbowl?"

You  have to be living under a goal post 
not to know that the two coaches 
in this year's Super Bowl 
are brothers,

John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach
Jack Harbaugh, San Francisco 49'ers Head Coach.

The underlying story is the 
ultimate in 
sibling rivalry.
(Hmmm...I wonder who used to win at wrestling
when the brothers 
tried to get the other 
to yell "Uncle" 
and not look like a sissy 
when crying for momma. 
(Nothing like the family unit.)


I'm not a fan of siblings competing directly against each other…on a national stage.
 (I never liked it when 
Venus and Serena Williams
 competed in a Grand Slam Final.) 

I think the whole experience will be hardest on 
John and Jim's parents,
Jack and Jackie…
(How do they keep all the "J" names straight?)

The parents won't be able to look too happy
 for the winner…
when the other son is the LOSER.  
(I mean the one that lost.)

I wonder where Jack and Jackie will sit 
to watch the Super Bowl? 
I'm sure they'll want to sit somewhere impartial, but 
I think 

might be a little too far.

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