Thursday, February 28, 2013

No-No's for a Retired Pope Benedict

Today Pope Benedict XVI is retiring…
hanging up his domed chess piece hat.

At age 85, Pope Benedict
stated he was resigning 
"because of advanced age."
Hmmmm...and to think "advanced age" 
hasn't stopped Queen Elizabeth. 

Apparently Pope Benedict will live 
for the next two months 
in a lakeside retreat in the hills of Rome...
until the convent, 
where he will make his new home,
 is finished being renovated.

I'm thinking the Pope might want to 
ask for an extended stay or 
maybe plan a cruise.  
God Knows…
contractors never finish the job when they tell you they will. 
 Is it wrong to tell a white lie 
to the Pope?

Having a Pope onboard  
would be good for all the ships patrons.  
It's always good to have God on your side when cruising...
especial these days. 
He could even turn rough seas into calm Holy Waters.  
I know I'd feel really secure about my trip if I looked out 
and saw 
the Pope on the Poop Deck.


Pope Benedict says he will live
"hidden from the world" 
in retirement.  
And will spend his time in prayer, reflection, and reading. 

Should he take up cruising, 
may I recommend a fast read…
"50 Shades of Grey."
(Note to self: very disrespectful….
keep that up and it will be 50 Shades of Purgatory.)

Retirement is a new concept for the Vatican.   
The last time a pontiff retired was 600 years ago, 
so there is no manual...
no silver linings playbook to work from.  
They'll  have to fly by the seat of their papal chair.

There are, however, a few NO-NO's for the retired Pope...

NO more tweets …
(he found it hard to keep them under 140 characters anyway.)

NO cape …only a simple white cassock

NO red shoes…back to his basic brown
There's no place like Rome.

NO ring...

AND NO fancy Swiss guards…

I'm pretty sure he will still be able to 
keep his

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