Monday, February 18, 2013

Extreme Events

What's going on with all the 
Extreme weather 
these days?

Extreme weather is supposed to be rare... 
but lately it's occurring more frequently.

 Almost as often as 

this Kat stares into the frig.
(okay, maybe not that often.)

Over the past two two years around the world….
there have been major droughts, 
heat waves, tornadoes, floods, 
hurricanes, wildfires, and blizzards.

But apparently there is another extreme threat 
that I should be aware of...
which also happens to 
fall from the sky… 
the Meteor.

It's crazy that a meteor 
with the weight of 10,000 tons and as
powerful as several nuclear bombs 
exploded over Russia 
sending rock fragment to Earth and 
injuring over a thousand people.

And hours later a 150 foot wide asteroid
came as close as 17,200 miles from Earth. 
What about those other big rocks out there?


With all the recent weather chain of events
 I've decided to become more prepared 
with vital survival items...

And now 
with the extra threat of rock material falling from the sky…
I  have added some valuable 
head cover...

You can never be too careful
too prepared.

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