Thursday, February 21, 2013

Operating with MUSIC

I recently read a fascinating news article about a
double swap 
kidney transplant...
where each patient receives a kidney 
from a family member 
of the other patient.

The ole switcherooo...
or technical name....
"paired exhange."

The surgeries are done at the same time.  
That way no one has a chance to back out.

Nothing worse than a 
na na na na na

What I also found interesting in the article
 was the description of the 
two operating rooms 
during the transplants.

Each operating room
worked similarly...


One operating room played 
pulsing 90's rock music...
while the other 
played an 80's dance track.
say what?

(I thought this kind of stuff only happened on 
Grey's Anatomy.)


I didn't realize music 
(other than Mozart)
was being played during surgeries.

The article got me thinking 
about my colonoscopy 
when I was 
knocked out.

 There might have been a party going on 
behind me.

Hmmm...I wonder what was on the 
gastroenterologist's playlist???

Bad Moon Rising?
Moon Shadow?
Moon Dance?

the colonoscopy favorite....

Dark Side Of The Moon?

1 comment:

Chelsea Coleen said...

hahaha clever. i did think that was grays anatomy stuff. i dont want any doctors of mine listening to ROCK music. maybe soft rock. and definitely not rap!