Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Duncandog Since You've Been Gone

Dear Duncandog,

It's been a year 
since you've been gone.

 life just ain't the same.

When I come into the house…
you aren't scampering to the door to 
excitedly greet me.
Oh Boy, I miss you.

Whenever I turn around…
I am not stepping all over you.
Oh Boy, I miss you.

When I drop food on the kitchen floor,
you aren't there cleaning it up with your efficient 
lapping technique.
Oh Boy, I miss you.

When it's bedtime,
you aren't around to hug 
and wish good night.
Oh Boy, I miss you.


One year 
has passed 
since you've been gone….
but not 
one minute 
has passed 
that you haven't been 

Boy, Oh Boy, 
I miss you
my furry little friend.


Sister Jayne said...

Ahh Kat, that brought tears to my eyes. I know how much everyone loved Duncan. I miss my melvin too.

Sistersledge said...

Oh boy I miss him too! Sounds like the lyrics to a country song Kat!

Chelsea Coleen said...

ughhh i love and miss him!!