Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas EVE

1Day left

Ready or not Christmas is tomorrow.

The month of December is a 
race against the clock.....

with the goal being….
a serene Christmas morning 
with happy, smiley faces.

But to get to that point…
you have to get through a  lot of
cussin' .

You know the drill…
pulling out the boxes of stored decorations
 putting up lights inside and outside the house
decorating in and out,
getting a tree, 
decorating the tree, 
sending cards, 
frequenting the Post Office,
cooking and baking,
coming up with gift ideas, 
shopping for gifts, 
dealing with crowds.
etc, etc, etc.

I've heard you can outsource these jobs. 
I'm just not sure how "Tim" in Timbuktu can put the lights on my tree.

But if I could give "Tim" the job…
I would.
Lights out, putting lights on the tree is definitely my least favorite job.

Somehow I became the D.L.D
Designated Lighting Designer…
but that’s probably because PaulA has already tied the dang tree 
to the roof of the car, 
squeezed it through the back door, 
moved the furniture to make room, 
put it in the stand, 
worked to get it straight. 
Then have me tell him… 
"It’s crooked.”

Then it's my turn...
untangle the lights from square knots,
test the strands to make sure they’re working, 
get the female and male parts to “hook-up", 
(ooohh la la)  
test my balance on a stool 
while being stabbed in the face and hands by bristly needles.


Merry Christmas EVE

With all the 
rushin', fussin, and cussin' 

it is now

time to enjoy the 


of your labor.

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