Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday Diverted

If you are reading this 
the Mayans got it wrong...
the world did not end.
TGIF….Bottoms UP

NASA has been flooded with callers for months fearful that today was 

Thank you NASA for getting it right 
reassuring the wackos worried 
that the world would remain as we know it...
round and revolving.

I'm not sure why we would believe the Mayans and their calendar?  
The Mayans might have been known for their 
mathematics and astrological systems...
the Mayans were also known for 
"enhancing" the beauty of their children…
by pressing boards onto their foreheads to flatten them
and dangling objects in front of their eyes, so they would be permanently crossed.  

They were also users of 
hallucinogenic drugs, peyote, mushrooms…
and used enemas for rapid absorption.

Ya think ya might be cautious in believing a prediction
 from the
peyote enema driven.

So all you out there who have been goofing off 
cuz you thought the world would end today…
get 'er done.

You know who you are…
you've been procrastinating on Christmas shopping 
because you were planning on the world ending 
easy way out.


Now that we have lived through the end of the world…

 all we have to worry about now is 

Falling off the Fiscal Cliff…

T minus 10 days
(Call NASA, maybe they can help.)

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