Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I got a text earlier today from Big C 
telling me it was almost 12:12 p.m…
on 12-12-12 
so make a wish.

And of course I did.

I would never snarl in the face 
of a good luck charm
(rabbit, rabbit, rabbit)….
but I'm not particularly superstitious...  
especially having a birthday on the 
and having it occasionally fall on a 
Friday the 13th.


"They" say 12.12.12 is a powerful day...
mothers have scheduled c-sections
couples have scheduled marriages
Barbara Walters has scheduled her 
10 Most Fascinating People of 2012.
(Ummm….Honey bo boo makes the list?)

So with the end of this day,
 we see the end of repetitive numeral dates 
for the next 89 years 
until the year

Good Luck to those
new babies
who have 
as their day.


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Laura Darling said...

My birthday is 8-18-88, which I always thought was so cool, but it's nowhere near as cool as 12-12-12!