Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Me and My Mac

Me and My Mac
we got a thang going on.

I bought a new laptop.  
And I love it. 

It's the Apple of my eye.

At first glance…
I was raptured by its amazing features:
the shape of its display,
its speedy processors,
fine resolution,
and incredible memory.

With its powerful hard drive…
I knew I had met my mate.

We were the perfect fit…


When my Dell laptop crashed, 
(being the serial Dell owner that I was)
I immediately rushed out to buy another one.  

I was a head nod away from having the sales associate ring it up
(oh hell, give me a Dell)
….when PaulA suggested I step away from the decision and 
give it a second thought.

So I removed myself from the store…and as they say…
"slept on it."

I'm not sure what happened while I was sleeping…
but when I awoke…
I had a hankering for an Apple...

so I decided to take a bite.

I'm feeling great 
about my new Mac.

It was a healthy decision.
No more pc viruses for me.

An Apple a day, 
keeps the (PC) doctor away.

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