Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get Lit

I've always enjoyed taking a drive during the holidays
 through different neighborhoods at night 
to see the lights...
especially when there are people who go all out...
full tilt 
with their decorating.

They buy into the notion 
"the tackier ..the better."

 They figure 
If you it ain't lit up...then it ain't Christmas.

Then there are those forced into decorating
because the festive someone who's reeealllly into the holiday spirits spirit,
lives right next door.

So, not wanting to be 
or out-displayed
they are forced to untangle last year's ball of lights, 
drink in the holiday spirit
and get  lit.
woo hoo

 Christmas lights are not only labor intensive…but they can also be very expensive
especially when two houses are engaged in
 a war of 

At some point, someone is forced to get clever…
and think outside 
the "electric circuit box."


In a Chicago neighborhood
one neighbor couldn't compete any threw in the 
"electric towel" 
and went with.....

A lot of bang for the buck…
with a lot less work.


If you can't/don't/won't decorate your house.  
there are other options for decorating.

Big C's Portuguese Water Dog/puppy....
all decked out in his Santa suit
and white boots.


Sistersledge said...

Santa came early this year! He's sooo sweet! I love him!

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