Friday, March 30, 2012

Animated Programming

Who decides what channels will be displayed on public televisions in
airport terminals?

At BWI (Baltimore airport) on a weekday morning..
take a guess as to what was 
on for the viewing audience?


Fox News?



followed by Pink Panther,

with Yogi Bear

 bringing up the furry rear.
  hell ya.

I found the cartoons an interesting choice.....
No one looked at the screens.
 Not even the two toddlers in the room. 
(They were only interested in
chasing each other in circles
and knocking over old people.)


I swear Airlines look for ways to mess with our heads. 
They search high and low for ways to torture us. 
(hmmm...let's not only delay their flight 3 hours, 
let's make them watch cartoons while they wait. mwuhaha)

I'm not sure who determined Yogi Bear and friends
was in demand by the flying public?

I'd like to let them know...
we are smarter than "the average bear"...
their programming choices can go to hell

in a pick-a-nick basket. 

Ain't that right, boo-boo?


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